Supply List

PAINT:  The paint can be any watermedia paint that you generally use.  I prefer watercolor along with opaque paint, but for you acrylic painters don’t worry about it.

PAPER:  You will need a lot of inexpensive drawing paper as we do a lot of drawing in the morning.  You will also need 1 piece of  22x 30” hotpress 140 lb. paper per day.  We will tear it in half and have 2 pieces each day. Please do not use coldpress paper.  I use Fabriano Traditional White, and I will bring some with me for $5 a sheet.

DRAWING:  Bring pens, pencils, inks, and drawing materials:  Any or all of these; I use a lot of colored pencils and watercolor crayons.  

COLLAGE PAPERS:  This can be anything that you have, from prepared collage to magazine print to old letters, and I do mean anything.  The more varied the more interesting. 

GESSO:  While Gesso, Matt Medium, or Black gesso if you choose and any other colored gesso you would like.  Any stamps and prints you like.

Come with an experiemental mind!

Join Liz Hill in drawing from the model in the morning, then turn your drawing into a finished piece of art in the afternoon.  You will get help in refining your figure drawing skills from this award winning , popular artist.  Your painting will only be as good as your drawing according to Liz.  She can help you with the basics of drawing and design.  You can see her work at  You will learn to paint in watermedia, and collage if you choose.  The Class is $130, and will be held on October 17 and 18 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Contact Suzanne Buckland at to reserve your place in the class for $50.  The Class size is limited to 15.  There is a Model fee of $3 for each day.  Click on the Paypal button below to reserve your space for $50. 

Multi-media Figure Workshop with Liz Hill